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CCB# 44973

Star Building Systems

G.J. Miller COnstruction is the Central Oregon representative and designated contractor for Star Building Systems. Star is a leading supplier of custom-engineered metal building systems in and industry that has captured over 50% of the low-rise construction in the United States for the last ten years. In addition to barns and shops, applications include warehouses, recreation buildings, commercail centers, small manufactuing plants, mini-storage buildings and recycling faciliities. For more information contatct their web site:



TVM Waterproofing


Poly Wall Protective Coatings

G.J. Miller COnstruction is also the representative and designated contractor for Poly Wall Protective Coatings. Poly Wall is the most successful below-grade moisture sealant system for foundations, basements, retaining walls, etc. Based on a patented formula and application technique, Poly Wall can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions from 10 below zero to 90 degrees farenheit. Applications include poured walls, masonry walls, commercial applications residential foundations and interior vapor retarder applications. For more information, contact their web site: